April 2014

Results of the CTF

Here are the official results ! First 28 teams score Dragon Sector 6620 StratumAuhuur 5360 HackingForBeers 4760 More Smoked Leet Chicken 4060 int3pids 4020 dcua 3160 FIXME 2195 HoneyBadgerz 1900 Dulac 1835 mushd00m 1550 insomniacs_II 1455 Porc Scanner 1410 Hackdumb… Continue Reading →

Slides of some of the 2014 conferences

First release of INS14 slides (thanks again to the speakers)   Deploying cyberdefense measures and Policies in a Critical Infrastructure Sector, Sébastien Bombal : sebastien-bombal-v3.3 Lurking in clouds: easy hacks for complex apps , Nicolas Gregoire : Easy_hacks_for_complex_apps-INS14 When you can’t afford 0days.Client-side exploitation for the… Continue Reading →