Confirmed speakers

Hello and Happy New Year to all!

We have been busy during the holidays confirming the presence of the various speakers selected for Insomni'hack 2022 and we're happy to share that the following people will be talking at our conference this year:

  • Christian Folini (@ChrFolini) - Adventurous tales of Online Voting in Switzerland
  • Aiganysh Aidarbekova (@aiganysh_aidar) - Introduction to Open Source Investigations
  • Crux Conception (@CruxConception) - An Insider Threat: What is Social Engineering?
  • Georges-Bastien Michel (@FrenchYeti) - Forging golden hammer against Android app protections
  • Denis Kolegov, JP Aumasson (@veorq) - Hunting for Bugs in "Ethereum 2.0"
  • Jannis Kirschner (@xorkiwi) - Symbolic Execution Demystified
  • Vladimir Meier (@PlowSec) - Automatically extracting static anti-virus signatures
  • Charlie Bromberg (@_nwodtuhs) - Delegating Kerberos to bypass Kerberos delegation limitation
  • Cesare Pizzi (@red5heep) - REW-sploit: dissect payloads with ease
  • Andy Robbins (@_wald0) - It’s Raining Shells - How to Find New Attack Primitives in Azure
  • Sylvain Pelissier (@Pelissier_S), Boi Sletterink - Practical bruteforce of military grade AES-1024
  • Thomas Chauchefoin (@swapgs) - Two bugs to rule them all: taking over the PHP supply chain
  • Andreas Schneider (@CISOwithavision) - How we've built one of the most secure media companies in the world
  • Karim Sudki (@_Az0x_) - Stop this car || GTFO
  • Eric Bärenzung - Raising employee awareness : which training strategy to go for?
  • Itai Liba & Assaf Carlsbad - Breaking SecureBoot with SMM Vulnerability
  • Patrick Jattke (@pjattke), Stijn Gunter - Blacksmith: A Blackbox Fuzzer for Bypassing Rowhammer Mitigations on DDR4 DRAM Devices
  • Myriam Leggieri (@iammyr) - The Rat-Race Detection Game
  • NEW Simon Scannel (@scannell_simon) - A Common Bypass Pattern to Exploit Modern Web Apps
  • NEW Mathias Fuchs - Managing large-scale response
  • NEW Abhay Bhargav - Hook, Line and Sinker - Pillaging API Webhooks
  • NEW Sachin Thakuri (@sachinnthakuri), Prakash Sharma (@1lastBr3ath) - Exploiting WebKit to break Authentication and Authorization
  • NEW Antonio Cocomazzi (@splinter_code) - Ransomware Encryption Internals: A Behavioral Characterization
  • NEW Marco Preuss (@marco_preuss) - Noise and Signals – Digging through threat- and APT-stories
  • NEW Rahul Umapathi (@RahulUmapathi) Nitin Lakshmanan (@nitinlaksh) - Attacking Bluetooth LE design and implementation in mobile + wearables ecosystems
  • NEW Sunil Kumar (@sunils2991) Nitin Lakshmanan (@nitinlaksh) - Practical exploitation of zigbee-class networks with USB-based RF transceivers & open source software

We will be updating this list with additional speakers during the next weeks until we release the final schedule. You can also keep in touch with us on Twitter to get the latest updates.

The Insomni'hack team