Insomni’hack 2018 ctf results

This year Insomni'hack changed quite a bit, with the conference distributed across two days instead of one. While still hosted at Palexpo in Geneva, we had larger rooms, including a different, more stylish room for the CTF:

The room was almost full, with 450 registered participants!

The CTF itself went relatively smoothly, with an intense battle at the top of the ranking throughout the contest, that lasted until the very last moments. Indeed Dragon Sector once again solved a pwnable (badger_httpd) during the last 5 minutes of the CTF, bringing them closer to Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat, although not enough to claim their usual 1st place. Therefore, congratulations to Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat for breaking the Dragons' tradition and winning the CTF! Also congratulations to Dragon Sector and p4 for their respective 2nd and 3rd place. Here is an overview of the final scoreboard:

The full scoreboard can be found on CTFTime.

All challenges were solved this year, with p4 scoring the last remaining challenge, "Automated Webmaster", within the last 10 minutes of the contest.
Besides the usual categories that you can find in most online jeopardy CTFs, we also had several more atypical categories: game hacking (3D FPS on unity), hardware (custom board), and live network challenges! Here are some statistics :

Name Categories Points Time to solve First blood Number of solves
vba01-baby warmup 63 00:10:46 nsrless 56
Authentication Service warmup, web 85 00:14:59 dcua 40
S3cureLock 1 hardware, forensics 153 00:15:30 mushd00m 19
guessflag warmup, pwn 85 00:17:21 Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat 40
S3cureLock 2 hardware 249 00:35:26 Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat 9
Nightcrawler reverse, game 266 01:14:08 p4team 8
Backdoor web, osint 124 01:20:03 REDTEAM 25
PHuck web 120 01:29:32 hxp 26
VBaby warmup, web 137 01:36:07 Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat 22
X-Ray Vision reverse, game 307 01:46:19 RootInTheMiddle 6
HardLock reverse 333 02:03:09 Dragon Sector 5
vba03-strikeback pwn, malware-analysis 221 02:23:34 Dragon Sector 11
vba02-bitminer web 142 02:36:03 p4team 21
yanc pwn 266 02:47:03 ISITDTU 8
S3cureLock 3 reverse, shellcoding, hardware 364 03:26:32 mushd00m 4
beback mobile 221 04:00:39 p4team 11
ByteFinex pwn 400 04:19:19 Kartoffelpufferüberlauf 3
Secret Messaging Service web 364 04:34:22 Dragon Sector 4
begbounty pwn 445 04:57:29 Kartoffelpufferüberlauf 2
Aimbox reverse, game 159 05:02:01 Sec0d 18
gogogadget pwn 500 05:23:34 dcua 1
badger_httpd pwn 445 06:46:16 Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat 2
Spoke network 500 07:05:11 FIXME 1
voice-voip network 307 07:13:34 mushd00m 6
Automated Webmaster web 500 09:53:45 p4team 1

We hope you enjoyed this 11th edition as much as we enjoyed preparing it and we hope to see you next year!