Here is a list of the slides for the 2017 edition:

Welcome & Introduction – Alain Mowat
Bridging the gap between ICS(IoT?) and corporate IT security – Stefan Lüders
DevOops Redux – Chris Gates & Ken Johnson
Modern reconnaissance phase on APT – Paul Rascagnères
RHME2 CTF challenges and solutions – Eloi Sanfèlix & Andres Moreno
Remote exploitation of the Valve Source game engine – Amat Cama
The State of Security: Securing today’s elastic IT assets – Jens Freitag
Automating Computer Security – Tyler Nighswander
La sécurité pour les managers – Georges Torti
Dissecting a Metamorphic File-Infecting Ransomware – Raul Alvarez a pentester design of secret manager – Florian Gaultier

Some slides are not available as some details are yet to be fixed by the vulnerable parties.

Some pictures of the event are available here :