LakeCTF Partnership

As a major cybersecurity event and CTF in Switzerland, we are always eager to support and build bridges with other events community events.

In this context, we are pleased to announce that we have established a partnership with LakeCTF: a jeopardy-style security hacking contest organized by the polygl0ts CTF team (plus some friends!) and the EPFL School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC).

All the relevant details are available on LakeCTF's website, however in a nutshell the important dates for LakeCTF 2024 are the following:

  • Quals: From Sat 4th of November 2023 to Sun 5th of November 2023.
  • Finals: Fri 3rd of May 2024

Thanks to this collaboration:

  • The winning team of LakeCTF's Quals will get free tickets for Insomni'hack 2024 (Conference, Thursday & Friday);
  • The winning team of Insomni'hack 2024's Student CTF will be automatically qualified for LakeCTF's 2024 Finals.

We hope to see you at both events !