The CTF Teaser will take place the weekend of the 19-20 of January. You can expect the usual suspects: pwnable, web, crypto, stegano. We will cover the hotel for the first 3 teams and conference tickets for the first 6 teams.

The main Insomni'hack CTF contest will be held on March 22nd 2019, from 6 pm until 4 am the next morning. It will start shortly after the end of the conferences. Teams are limited to 8 participants, onsite only. People willing to participate will need to register but it will be free as always.

Starting from 2019, we will invite Swiss and French technical school teams to participate in the onsite CTF. They will have a specific ranking in order to compete against each others. We will also have prizes for the winners.

Practical information

For the onsite main event, make sure you bring power adapters and outlets, as well as a network cable.

Our GitHub repository is here, where a challenge solutions and source code for past editions can be found. There are also links to solutions on CTFTime.


As cryptocurrencies can't be trusted, we provide real, old-fashioned silver for the top 3 teams

The first 3 teams of the school ranking will receive prices and swag sponsored by QoQa.