Insomni'hack 2016 CTF results

During this 9th edition of the Insomni'hack CTF, 85 teams competed onsite in Geneva for 10 hours, with 62 teams scoring at least one challenge.

Congratulations to Dragon Sector for winning the CTF, for the third time in a row! dcua and int3pids follow and share the remaining silver prizes.

Top teams:


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Similar to our Teaser, the theme for this edition was the Internet of $h!t, therefore a number of challenges were inspired by absurd IoT devices. A few tasks actually ran on real IoT devices...

Despite the large number of tasks (31, including multi-steps tasks) all challenges were solved at least once during the CTF!

Category Challenge Solves
Backdoor Smartdoor1 42
Smartdoor2 8
Smartdoor3 5
Crypto PCAPBleeding 16
Hardware DrUnk4lyZer I 6
DrUnk4lyZer II 3
IoTcode 1
128k 1
Misc smartcat0 55
smartcat3 16
robots 8
Network smartips 18
Pwn Smartstove 16
Microwave 14
bIoTch slap 7
CC232 4
Retoasted 3
rootkit 2
Reverse SafeCRT2 12
Rostinator 4
megafat 1
Shellcode Superpollute 6
Web Secretsafe 59
iBeer 8
NetFondue 7
The revenge of jack the clicker 7
GreenBox 4
TMon 4
OverView of Ideas I 2
OverView of Ideas II 2
smarttoothpick 2

You can find some write-ups on

We hope you enjoyed the competition and look forward to seeing you next year for our 10th edition!