Insomni’hack 2017 CTF results

Nearly 450 people participated in the CTF this year, a new record for us ! Dragon Sector managed to solve "Wheel of Robots" 3 minutes before the end, placing them right in front of Toastless aka Tasteless. Congratulations to them for their 4th victory in a row, and congratulations to Tasteless and Int3pids for their respective 2nd and 3rd place. The full scoreboard is available on CTFtime.

This year, we had a special challenge in the form of a Unity 3d First Person Shooter game, where you had to cheat in order to access certain zones in order to get a flag. Typical ones where a Fly hack and a speed hack, needed to escape from a basement and run fast enough through a tunnel full of mines. It was really funny to watch people trying to go as slow as possible thinking they wouldn't trigger them. We will try to do some detailed writeups in the near future.

Here are some statistics on our challenges :

Category Challenge # Solves
Forensic Secr3tMgr Lock 32
Secr3tMgr 4
Game Achievements 21
Reach the top 15
Toxic Bunker 8
Escape Room 6
Retoast It ! 2
Hardware IoT Gymkhana - Part 1 12
IoT Gymkhana - Part 2 3
IoT Gymkhana - Part 3 0
Misc Capscii 58
Pwn babyfirst 24
Skybot 9
OptimAIze 8
Sandboxing 4
Wheel of Robots 3
easywin 2
pyjail 0
Recon Social challenge 37
Who's your daddy? 33
Web Nerdwar 17
Smarttomcat2 13
The Great Continuation 8
Kill List 3
Deep Experiments 2
Pythonic Robot 2
Robot Backup 1

We also had an "Escape Room"-like challenge running, where the participants had to assemble a QR-code puzzle, perform some lock picking and login on a computer using a barcode scanner. here's the scoreboard for this challenge :

Rank Team name Solve time
1 Tipi Hack 5:06
2 LNS 8:03
3 Soft qui peut 10:00
4 NESTLEAK 12:40
5 Caffeine 12:53
6 OweTeam 14:59
7 Duks 15:00
7 RGBA 15:00
7 Mask d00m 15:00

We hope you enjoyed this 10th edition as much as we enjoyed preparing it and we hope to see you next year!